Spare Parts


Having delivered CFME for almost two decades, SARSYS appreciate the urgency of CFME spare parts delivery for busy airports operating in all weather conditions, and this is an important part of the SARSYS company.

This is reflected by:

Easy identification of all parts, using the numbered markings on each unit and clear reference in each unit’s documentation package.

Comprehensive and directly accessible stock facility at our factory

Quick packaging and shipment of parts: With orders received before noon Swedish time and using courier services, most parts can be available at our customers’ location already on the next day.

You can contact our customer service directly by email:

Customer Service Direct +46 410 46 110

In order to facilitate and expedite the procedure for warranty or repair requests, please fill in the respective form below.


SARSYS Academy


At Scandinavian Airport and Road Systems AB (Publ.) training of operators of our equipment as well as training of SARSYS’s own employees has always been given high priority. In 2011 all training activities were assembled within the framework of the SARSYS Academy. SARSYS Academy is a specialized department that develops and provides training for our customers and employees, individually tailored to fit their needs.

The object of the Academy is training and skill development of our customers’ operators and service personnel. Training sessions will always focus on the customer’s specific requirements and needs, and for this reason you should always put forward your requirements when you book a training course.

The courses can be held either at the customer’s premises or in the bright and modern classrooms of SARSYS Company. In order to maximize understanding and benefit from the course, training sessions are to the extent possible conducted on the customer’s own units or similar unit and with his own documentation. Course instructors will be SARSYS’s own and possess a thorough knowledge of the construction and the operation of SARSYS equipment. If you have special requests, you are most welcome to contact the academy for a quotation.


Maintenance Programme


All SARSYS units are supplied with a comprehensive maintenance guideline, listing which servicing and maintenance should be carried out at which intervals for safe and trouble-free operation. Some customers prefer to do most or all maintenance themselves, but increasingly our customers sign up for SARSYS’s technical inspection programme, and we can offer:

Technical Inspection: Checking and reporting of all key functions or

Overhaul: More thorough check and preventive maintenance

Both can be made on an annual or biannual basis.

These work scopes or alternative specially prepared maintenance programmes are carried out on-site and our customers’ technicians are welcome – in fact even encouraged – to take part for mutual benefit. The SARSYS service teams are “on the road” typically between May to October, and during winter, our technicians are on stand-by and available for service calls as required.


Warranty and Repair Forms


In order to facilitate and expedite the procedure for warranty or repair requests, please fill in the respective form below and

return via e-mail to or fax +46 410 46111.

You will then receive a VC order/ and information about how to proceed.

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