Product & Supplies

Sarsys Opel Friction Tester (SOFT)

Sarsys Opel Friction Tester (SOFT), is a CFME built into the Opel Mokka, it is a compact friction measuring device with all functions that are required.

Sarsys Friction Tester Transporter (SFTT)

SARSYS Friction Tester Transporter (SFTT) built into the VW-Transporter, is one of the most advanced friction measuring systems on the market. It is primarily designed for friction measuring on airport runways and taxiways, but can also be used for measuring on roads.

Sarsys Volvo Friction Tester (SVFT)

The Sarsys Volvo  Friction Tester V70 (SVFT) is the lates Friction Tester build in to the well known V70 model.

Sarsys Trailer Friction Tester (STFT)

The Sarsys Trailer Friction Tester (STFT) has been a success on the market since it was released in 2003.