Our Company

Scandinavian Airport and Road Systems AB (Publ.) is a world leading producer of Surface friction testers for airports and roads. SARSYS friction testers are groundbreaking as regards design and manufacturing and also highly successfully marketed. SARSYS surface friction testers are built into the VOLVO V90, VOLVO V70, VW TRANSPORTER, OPEL (BUICK, VAUXHAUL, HOLDEN, CHERVROLET), TRAILER TYPE and SAAB 9-5 model. Sarsys has produced more the 300 units worldwide, more then 450 units are under the serviced and maintained by SARSYS technicians or associated technicians. 

As one of today’s top companies in this field, it is no surprise that SARSYS’ surface friction testers for airports were born as a natural result of the surface friction testers so successfully first developed for the SAAB automobile industry. SARSYS is an continuation of the SAAB car factory´s Surface Friction Tester Research & Development activities, ongoing since the mid 70-seventies. Many of the founding staff of Scandinavian Airport and Road Systems AB (publ) where part of the original SAAB surface friction tester team.

With new thinking and future needs the product line was increased and are today covering all markets when it comes to measuring the friction on airports and roads. The knowledge of building surface friction testing equipment was implemented into to V90, V70 (Volvo) and the VW Transporter and the co-operating between SARSYS – Volvo and Volkswagen have the same high standard and quality as with former manufacturer. 

The key-words for SARSYS are RELIABILITY, QUALITY and QUALITY AT ALL LEVELS, from outstanding design to sales, delivery on time and lifelong support to all customers worldwide. Since SARSYS is a unique manufacturer of surface friction testing equipment, it produces 95% of all components for the measuring system, made in highly resistant aluminum and stainless steel. Furthermore the design of the different models safety of the operators and end users are very important and are used as a guideline for the SARSYS design department, which guarantees the optimal performance of the Volvo, VW Transporter, Opel and Saab car/van measuring system and is covered by a full warranty from the Volvo, Volkswagen and Saab car/van manufacturer on base car/van.

Our After Sales Support Department, together with our agents and our team of skilled engineers, is at the customer’s disposal. We are always on stand-by for support to all our customers worldwide, at any time and at short notice. At SARSYS the customers are the IMPORTANT factor.